How to find a job in Japan

Here are some ways to find a job in Japan.

1. Apply directly to the employer’s shop by looking at the shop’s recruitment notices.

Although there may be job recruitment notices posted around the entrances of restaurants and other shops, it is not common practice for applicants to look at these notices and apply for a job. In addition, it is not likely that there will be any information in English, so it is not very easy to find a job that accepts foreigners by walking around the city.

2. Look for a job at Hello Work, a public job agency.

In Japan there is a public employment agency called Hello Work, which has offices everywhere in Japan. In larger cities there are also special organisations for foreigners, which offer free advice and help you find a suitable job.
In case of Osaka city, it is called “Osaka Employment Service Center for Foreigners

3. Search for work in job magazines.

All convenience stores have several free job magazines where you can search for jobs in the area. However, these are also written entirely in Japanese, so it can be difficult for people who cannot read Japanese to apply for jobs.

4. Search for jobs on online job sites.

Most of the younger generation use online job sites with their smartphones. Online job sites allow you to narrow down your search. It is a good idea to use online job sites that have ‘foreigners welcome’ as one of the criteria.
There are so many job sites in Japan. Some of these are listed below

Words to narrow your search criteria when searching for jobs
バイトル [BAITORU] 外国人活躍中・留学生歓迎
マイナビバイト [MY NAVI BAITO] 留学生歓迎
タウンワーク [TOWN WORK] 英語を使う仕事
マッハバイト [MAHHA BAITO] 外国人OK(就労資格者)
フロム・エー・ナビ [FROM A NAVI] 留学生歓迎

If you could find the above mentioned words to narrow down the job on these above job sites, you may be able to find a suitable job.

5. Job search on job sites for foreigners

It’s easiest to find a job on the following job sites where you can search for jobs in English.



Career Engine

Jobs in Japan

Hataraku Japan

Hello Baitoru


Work Japan


6. Look for jobs on the recruitment pages listed in magazines for foreigners.

In larger cities, there are magazines for foreigners that have a Classified section, where you can search for jobs.






7. Facebook Group “Jobs For Foreigners Living In Japan – Jobs In Japan”