Can I work in Japan directly after my working holiday visa ends?

As working holiday visas are not renewable, if you wish to continue working in Japan after your working holiday period, you will need to change your status of residence. Specifically, you must change your visa status to a working visa (Technology, Specialist in Humanities/International Service) or a special skills visa. The following are examples of work that falls under each of the categories of Technology, Specialist in Humanities/International Service. Technology […]

Employment insurance and income tax rates

Employment insurance Working holiday visa holders do not need to join employment insurance if they work in Japan. This is because the working holiday holder is treated as a ‘non-resident’. However, in principle, enrolment in other social insurances (employee’s pension insurance, health insurance and workers’ accident compensation insurance) is mandatory. Some may not be eligible for employee pension insurance or health insurance, but it is important to remember that, basically, […]

All about Working Holiday Visa in Japan

What is a Working Holiday Visa? This visa allows you to both legally travel and work in Japan and stay in Japan for as long as one year. Unlike the tourist visa, because it allows a long-term stay while working, it enables the visitor to experience things that cannot be experienced with a tourist visa. Unlike other categories of working visa, a Working Holiday Visa doesn’t require a company to […]

How to find a job in Japan

Here are some ways to find a job in Japan. 1. Apply directly to the employer’s shop by looking at the shop’s recruitment notices. Although there may be job recruitment notices posted around the entrances of restaurants and other shops, it is not common practice for applicants to look at these notices and apply for a job. In addition, it is not likely that there will be any information in […]

All about the residence cards (ZAIRYU CARD)

What is a residence card? Residence cards are issued to foreigners who have lived in Japan for more than three months. Specifically, this applies to working holiday visa holders, foreign students and technical interns, foreigners working on a work visa (technical, humanities, international services, etc.) and foreigners married to Japanese nationals. Residence cards are not issued for short-term stays of three months (90 days) or less. Temporary visitor visas apply […]

Do foreigners have to join the Japanese pension system?

All persons aged between 20 and 60 with a domicile in Japan are obliged to join the pension system. This applies even to foreigners, regardless of their nationality. There are two types of Japanese pension schemes: the National Pension Scheme (KOKUMIN NENKIN) and the Employees’ Pension Scheme (KOUSEI NENKIN). National Pension Scheme (KOKUMIN NENKIN) The National Pension Scheme is a pension scheme to which all persons aged between 20 and […]

Health insurance while in Japan on a working holiday visa

Is it necessary to take out health insurance for just a year’s stay in Japan? While in other countries it is generally up to the individual to decide whether to take out medical insurance, in Japan all citizens (regardless of nationality) are required to take out some form of medical insurance. In other words, foreigners who stay in Japan for a long period of time including working holiday visa, other […]

Do I need a visa to work although we are working as a volunteer

As you know, people who come to Japan on a three-month tourist visa cannot work in Japan. But here you may be asking yourself the question. “If I work as a volunteer without any salary at all, don’t I need a visa to work?” Working without a visa to work is illegal, and both the employer and the employee are guilty. The answer to this question is not definitive, but […]

How long do I have to work as free accommodation staff?

A working holiday visa is not something you can get more than once! The chance to stay in Japan for a year should be a very valuable experience. So you probably want to visit several cities, not just one. Guesthouse managers, on the other hand, want you to stay as long as possible, unless you are approaching the peak season. This is because if your stay is too short, they […]

When will the demand for helper staff be in the guesthouse or hostel?

Let’s consider the supply-demand balance. In high season, more staff are needed, but on the other hand there is less space to rent out beds to staff. In low season, they do not need as many staff, but there is plenty of beds to rent out beds to staff. This is because in most guesthouses, staff are allocated the same dormitory beds as guests. Some guesthouses may have rooms exclusively […]