Differences for 3 platforms on finding a free accommoditon in Japan

What’s the differences among WORKAWAY, WORLDPACKERS and WWOOF?


Annual fee Task
Workaway US$ 59 per year for a couple / two friends, US$ 49 per year for a single person 4-5 hours/day of labour on average five days a week, hosts have to provide both accommodation and meals

Hosts who are businesses or asking for help with a business activity should be offering accommodation plus at least minimum wage for each hour worked

Worldpackers US$ 59 per year for a couple / two friends, US$ 49 per year for a single person Conditions vary depending on each accommodation.

A place to stay must be provided, but meals are not mandatory

Wwoof 5,500JPY Hosts provide not only a place to stay, but also three meals a day, up to six hours of help a day and a day off once a week

Hosts on workaway also provide meals, which looks good, but hosts who cannot provide meals are not allowed to register on this platform.
This means that most guesthouses and hostels in urban areas do not provide meals to their guests, so it is difficult for the them to provide meals to the users of worldpackers and workaway as well.

If you are looking for a place to stay in the countryside, you will probably be able to find suitable accommodation in either workaways or worldpackers, but if you are looking for accommodation in urban areas, worldpackers are a better option.

However, not all accommodation providers use worldpackers, so you should also search online using the appropriate search terms.

Valid words to search for are the name of the city you want to stay in and “free accommodation” , “work exchange”, “helper”

Hope you can find a suitable accommodation in Japan!