4. How to stay in Japan for free (Find a free accommodation on WORLDPACKERS in Japan)

How Can I Get Accommodation for Free in Japan?

On this page you will find out about WORKAWAY, a system that offers you a free place to stay!


Worldpackers is a collaborative platform that connects you with hosts from all over the world where you can travel and exchange your skills for accommodation.

You can save on travel costs, experience local culture, learn new skills and use them beneficially during your holiday, backpacking trip or gap year.

There are hostels, inns, NGOs, communities and ecological projects that you can support and receive free accommodation, meals and other benefits.

Their community includes more than one million travellers and hosts from 170 countries.


How it works?

  • As it is a members-only programme, you must first pay an annual fee. US$ 59 per year for a couple / two friends, US$ 49 per year for a single person
  • Once you become a member, you will be able to get in touch with hosts in your area and arrange the timing of your stay.
  • There are various types of hosts, such as farm stays, ecological projects and NGOs, and you can search by type.
  • You can contact other members and exchange information with them.
  • You can leave reviews and build mutual trust