When will the demand for helper staff be in the guesthouse or hostel?

Busy season in Japan for accommodationLet’s consider the supply-demand balance. In high season, more staff are needed, but on the other hand there is less space to rent out beds to staff.
In low season, they do not need as many staff, but there is plenty of beds to rent out beds to staff.

This is because in most guesthouses, staff are allocated the same dormitory beds as guests. Some guesthouses may have rooms exclusively for staff, but this is rare.

The following seasons are generally low season periods.

Right after the new year holiday

eg. In case Sat. is 5th of Jan, it would be starting slow season from 6th (Sun) of Jan.). Then it would last this slow season until before the spring holiday, which is around 20th of March

Right after the Golden Week Holiday

Basically Golden Week Holiday lasts unlit the 5th of May [Children’s Day ], but in case 5th of May is Fri or Thurs, many Japanese people take a paid leave for these days as well. In this case, the slow season will start from the last Sun.) This slow season lasts until the end of June. June is the rainy season.

Right after the Autumn leaf season

It is different depending on the region. Especially in Kyoto the Autumn leaf season is extremely high season. This slow season lasts until the end of the year holiday, which starts around the 24th of Dec.