1. How to stay in Japan for free (Work as a free accommodation in Guesthouse or Hostel of Japan)

How Can I Get Accommodation for Free in Japan?

One way to stay in Japan for free that is mentioned is to work as a free accommodation staff in a guesthouse!

Guesthouses need staff to help with cleaning. The system that allows you to stay for free in exchange for doing the job of cleaning is called free accommodation.

If you want to work in a guesthouse, you can enter free accommodation and the name of the area where you want to work in the search field.

Guesthouse accommodation originally accommodates many guests from abroad, so the staff can speak English.
Even if you do not speak Japanese, you will be able to communicate and start working easily. Also, if you have any problems in Japan, you can always ask the guesthouse staff for help.

In most guesthouses, you will be allocated a bed in a dormitory and rarely a private room. And unless you are in a guesthouse in the countryside, they will not provide you with meals, so you will not have to pay for your accommodation, but you will have to pay for your meals yourself.

Cleaning duties will vary from guesthouse to guesthouse, but will be roughly 12-15 hours per week. The job involves cleaning the entire building, including guest rooms, toilets and shower rooms. The work is not difficult, as it is similar to everyday tasks such as making beds, vacuuming and folding sheets.

If you work as a cleaner in a guest house, the time frame would be between 10-3pm, as the cleaning has to be done after the guests have checked out and before the guests check in for the day.

You will be interviewed before you start working in a guesthouse, but it is a good idea to check the following in advance While you are in Japan, it is a good idea to create a LINE account to communicate smoothly with the guesthouse staff as well as with the interview. Most Japanese people use LINE as a communication tool.

  • The size of the beds in the dormitory (if you have a lot of luggage you should make sure you can put it on your own bed).
  • In most cases, you will be using the same toilet and shower facilities as other guests, but you should also check the times when they are available.
  • Is there a washing machine and can it be used free of charge?
  • Where is the nearest supermarket to shop for groceries?
  • Is there a kitchen where you can cook and what appliances are available?
  • The number and nationality of the other staff staying with you (you want to know what kind of people you will be staying with, and it is important to get on well with the other staff during your stay).
  • If you have skills other than cleaning, such as DIY, social networking promotions or video editing, ask if you can use these skills to help pay for the accommodation.