Review from Tooi (Australian) [ Sep 2023 ~ ]

Length of my stay

Tokyo 1 month, Karuizawa 1 month, Osaka 1 month


Where did you enjoy your stay the most?



What was the most memorable part of your stay?

meeting new people

What was the most difficult part of your stay?


What was the most surprising thing?

cheap food

How did you find your accommodation?

very comfortable

What was your motivation for wanting to stay in Japan?

My passion and love for languages and different cultures. Since i was small i was fascinated of japan because my brothers doing karate since i was 3, so i grew up with japanese words, behavior and clothing.

What were your regrets?


What problems did you have with your alien registration card, certificate of residence and other paperwork?

no problems

What difficulties have you had in communicating with Japanese people?

no issues