Cultural differences, problems, surprising things in Japan’s sharehouse

Have you ever experienced anything like this while living with a share house in Japan? I was hoping for an environment where I could speak a lot of English, but there were no native English speakers. I was just trying to speak English, but I was misunderstood as liking the person I was talking to. I was surprised to find that while the Japanese people living in the share house […]

Q & A on living in a share house of Japan

There are share houses in every country, but Japan has its own unique characteristics. Let’s solve any questions you may have or things you don’t understand about share houses in Japan. Contracts & Procedures for staying a share house Can I stay for less than one month? In general : Share houses where you can stay for less than a month are almost non-existent. Click here to find out why. […]

Short-term stay apartment or sharehouse in Japan

Why are there no short stay apartments (2weeks, fortnightly) in Japan where you can live by the week? The short stay apartment business is a real estate business where people live for a certain period of time by signing a lease contract with the owner. (The sharehouse business is also included in the real estate business.) On the other hand, accommodations that allow people to stay for a minimum of […]